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By using Kodbel DMOZ in any way you agree to these terms. These Terms of Use ("TOU") are a contract between you and Kodbel DMOZ and its parents, successors, subsidiaries and affiliates. You agree that this electronic version of these terms has the same force and effect as an agreement in writing, and that any disputes or claims under the TOU will be resolved by a court located in the Commonwealth of Virginia. If you cannot or will not follow the provisions in the TOU, you agree not to use Kodbel DMOZ. Kodbel DMOZ has not been customized for use in any specific territory and, therefore, we do not ensure or assume the responsibility that Kodbel DMOZ complies with applicable local laws and regulations in any specific country or jurisdiction, or any territory in which you elect to use Kodbel DMOZ. You are solely responsible for compliance with local laws that may be applicable to your use of Kodbel DMOZ. We may modify the TOU at any time without notice. If you do not agree to any changes, your sole remedy is to stop using Kodbel DMOZ. Your use of DMOZ after the effective date of any changes will constitute your agreement to the changes.